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This is a collection of Macintosh and Windows software allowing your old computer to access the legacy network services of ALTEXXANET. If you're looking for more general software, check out our FTP server page.
Xnews.zipXnews Usenet readerWindows697 KB
Fetch_4.0.1_Installer.hqxFetch 4.0.1 FTP clientMacintosh3,004 KB
Fetch2.1.2.sit.hqxFetch 2.1.2 FTP clientMacintosh366 KB
Hotline_1.9.1_OSX_intel_port.zipHotline 1.9.1 client for OSXMacintosh (Intel)33,244 KB
Hotline_Client-1.2.3_68k.hqxHotline 1.2.3 client for 68KMacintosh531 KB
Hotline_Client-1.2.3_PPC.hqxHotline 1.2.3 client for PPCMacintosh575 KB
ie401full-68k.hqxInternet Explorer 4.01 for 68KMacintosh17,900 KB
ircle_3.1.2_English_68k.sit.binIrcle 3.1.2 IRC client for 68KMacintosh538 KB
ircle_3.1.2_English_PPC.sit.binIrcle 3.1.2 IRC client for PPCMacintosh636 KB
Netscape_3.04_Installer.sitNetscape Navigator 3.04 WWW BrowserMacintosh3,580 KB
Netscape_Navigator_4.08_68K.hqxNetscape Navigator 4.08 WWW Browser for 68KMacintosh5,364 KB
hlc1.9.1-SuperTrackerEdition.zipHotline 1.9.1 clientWindows851 KB
Microsoft_Internet_Explorer_3.0.7zInternet Explorer 3.0 WWW BrowserWindows2,331 KB
Microsoft_Internet_Explorer_4.0.7zInternet Explorer 4.0 WWW BrowserWindows10,475 KB
Netscape_Navigator_Gold_3.0.7zNetscape Navigator Gold 3.0 WWW BrowserWindows5,216 KB
transmit_1.6_68k.sit.binTransmit 1.6 FTP client for 68KMacintosh686 KB
NCSATelnet25.sit.hqxNCSA Telnet 2.5 clientMacintosh225 KB
WSG-12.EXEWSGopher 1.2 clientWindows360 KB
TWSK30C.EXETrumpet Winsock 3.0cWindows558 KB
NR95033.EXENews Rover 3.3 clientWindows2,884 KB
PIRCH98S.EXEPIRCH98 IRC clientWindows1,772 KB
MT-NewsWatcher31.sitMulti-threaded NewsWatcher 3.1 for PPCMacintosh1,407 KB

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